Coronavirus in Algeria: New confirmed cases, deaths recorded, June 4


ALGIERS- Ninety-eight (98) new confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), 79 cures and 8 deaths have been recorded during the last 24 hours in Algeria, said Thursday in Algiers the spokesman of the Scientific Committee for monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic, Dr Djamel Fourar, during the daily press briefing devoted to the evolution of the pandemic.

Speaking during the daily press conference devoted to the evolution of the pandemic, Professor Djamel Fourar affirmed that the total assessment of the pandemic rose to 9626 confirmed cases including 667 deaths since the appearance of Covid-19 in Algeria.

However, the number of recoveries continues to grow at a high rate. The toll has risen to 6,067 people fully recovered, after 173 new healings have been recorded in the past 24 hours, while 27 patients are under intensive care.

The same official reaffirmed the need to respect preventive measures, namely hygiene instructions, social distancing, confinement and wearing masks in order to help fight the spread of the pandemic.

Finally, the same official called upon, once again, the citizens to scrupulously respect social distancing and preventive measures, urging them to comply with the instructions, only, according to him, even able to contain this pandemic.

For its part, the government, “aware of the extra efforts that everyone has to make, reiterates its call for citizens to remain aware of the health, economic and social challenges of the Covid-19.”

It calls on the Algerians to “rigorously abide by the measures of hygiene, social distancing and protection, which are the only current means to stem this epidemic.

The government, also, underlines “the risks incurred by those who do not comply with the enacted preventive measures, and stresses the need for citizens and shopkeepers to be vigilant and behave in a responsible way to enable our country to effectively fight Covid-19”.


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