Summit of Parliaments: Promoting mutually beneficial cooperation


ALGIERS – The President of the People’s National Assembly (APN), Slimane Chenine highlighted, on Tuesday, during the fifth meeting of the preparatory committee for the 5th Summit of the Speakers of Parliaments, scheduled in Austria from August 19 to 21, the importance to promote “mutually beneficial cooperation” in the various fields, said a statement from the lower house of parliament.

Chenine stressed the imperative for member countries to respect the principles and objectives enshrined in the UN charter, in particular the provisions aimed at strengthening unity and solidarity between member countries.

On this occasion, Mr. Chenine praised the efforts made by the formulation committee for the preparation of a “coherent and inclusive” Declaration, insisting on the need to include “the right of peoples to self-determination” which is a fundamental principle of international law and a vector of international security and peace.

Speaking during the debate on the preliminary draft of the Summit Declaration, the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament evoked the specificities of the current international situation marked by Covid-19, emphasizing “the strengthening of cooperation based on solidarity and respect for the principles of international legality, in addition to the promotion of international peace and security, non-interference in the internal affairs of States, and the role of parliamentary diplomacy in cooperation between peoples “.

The meeting’s agenda focused on seven items, including the consideration and adoption of the draft Declaration amended before it was proposed for enrichment by national parliaments, in addition to the reports and orientation resolutions of the meetings of debate as well as the draft program of the Summit, the personalities who will animate the general debate and the establishment of the list of observers invited to the work of the Summit and other technical questions, recalled the press release.

The meeting, also, focused on the examination of possible scenarios concerning the organization of the Summit next August, namely its formula and its agenda.



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