W.Times: Media response, from those disturbed by President Tebboune’s approach, predictable


ALGIERS – The documentary on Hirak, broadcast last Tuesday by French public television channels, was “predictable”, according to the Washington Times, which predicted a “response” from powerful media groups “disturbed” by President Tebboune’s approach.

In a recent publication praising the actions taken by the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune to deal with the multifaceted crises induced by the current health situation, the Washington Times had stressed a likely “response” from powerful media groups and centers of interest “disturbed” by the president’s approach.

The American newspaper did not hesitate to describe as courageous the economic and constitutional reforms undertaken by Algeria, a model it wrote then, which will allow the country to emerge stronger from the crisis, however, these reforms would, inevitably, end up disturbing some parts and circles.

In the name of freedom of expression, two documentaries on the hirak in Algeria were broadcast simultaneously on Tuesday evening on two main channels, France 5 and LCP, offered “reductive and unwelcome images of Algerian reality with the obvious objective to discredit the leaders of the country. ”

These documentaries aroused a large movement of reprobation and indignation of the Algerians on the social networks, stressing that these scenes give a distorted image of Algerian people and Hirak.

Algeria recalled its ambassador to France for consultations after French public television broadcast these documentaries. The Algerian MFA said these two documentaries while “seemingly spontaneous and under the pretext of the freedom of expression, are in fact attacks against the Algerian people and its institutions, including the National Armed Forces.”

The statement highlighted that the screening of documentaries demonstrates the “malicious … intentions from some circles”.



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