Novelist Samir Kacimi launches virtual writing workshops


ALGIERS – The Algerian Agency for Cultural Outreach (AARC) launches virtual writing workshops, led by novelist Samir Kacimi, aimed at young authors with writing projects, announces the agency on its Facebook page .

These workshops scheduled for June are open to anyone wishing to acquire knowledge of writing techniques in the field of literature through weekly workshops led by the author of “Halabil”.

Participation in these workshops is not subject to any specific conditions, pointed out the organizers.

Participants must send a presentation and a three-page literary extract to the email address [email protected] before June 6.

Novelist and translator, Samir Kacimi published his first novel in 2008 “Tasrih Bi Dayaâ” (Declaration of loss) which was followed by “Yaoum Raiâ Lil Maout” (A beautiful day to death) in 2009.

He, also, won the Assia-Djabar Grand Prize for novel in Arabic for “Kitab El Macha`” in 2017. The author has taken part in numerous international literary events in Europe and the Arab world.



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