Fight against Covid-19: Team of Chinese medical experts completes its mission in Algeria


ALGIERS- The team of Chinese medical experts completed, on Thursday, their mission after spending two weeks in Algeria as part of Algerian-Chinese cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Composed of 20 experts specializing in the fight against Covid-19, the Chinese team, which left Algeria today, made several visits to hospitals in the country, pointed out the Chinese delegation who explained that these visits were an opportunity to share the experiences of the two countries, particularly with regard to methods of treatment and care for diseases linked to the coronavirus.

The Chinese team, which included doctors specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases, intensive care, infectious diseases, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, were among the first to be mobilized during the appearance of Covid-19 in China.

The stay of Chinese experts in Algeria, since May 14, also aimed to work with their Algerian counterparts to help the country contain this pandemic.

It should be remembered that this is the second medical team that China sends to Algeria after the one dispatched last March.

The head of the team of Chinese medical experts to fight covid-19, Zhou Lin, said the day before that the epidemiological situation relating to coronavirus is “stable and under control in Algeria, thanks to the measures taken in particular by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Scientific Committee for monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic “.

He had, however, stressed the need to continue to respect preventive measures against the coronavirus, in particular hygienic conditions and social distancing.

On a possible return to normal life in the country, the Chinese expert had indicated that his team “sent correspondence containing their opinion to their embassy in Algeria which will, in turn, forward it to the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee “.

Furthermore, the Chinese expert had explained that the covid-19 virus detected in Algeria “is not the same as that detected in his country”, adding that “the two viruses are different and that the one detected in Algeria seems to resemble the one found in France “.



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