Cuban ambassador to Algeria eyes further cooperation


Cuban ambassador to Algeria Armando Vergara referred, on Friday in an interview published by El Moudjahid newspaper, to the arrival in Algeria of the first Cuban medical brigade on an internationalist mission on May 23, 1963 with a view to providing assistance to the North African country.

In this aspect, the diplomat noted that history ‘records unforgettable times of friendship and solidarity’ between the historic leaders of the Cuban and Algerian Revolution, respectively.

Vergara remembered the brief 36-hour stay in Havana of the then Algeria’s Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Bella in 1962, leading up to the October crisis, and praised the solidarity of Algeria in those days.

The official pointed out that on October 17 of the same year, on the aforementioned visit, Cuba and Algeria established diplomatic relations, and just a few months later, on May 23, 1963, the first international medical assistance brigade, consisting of 56 members: doctors, stomatologists, nurses and healthcare technicians.

Cuban ambassador stated that currently the Cuban medical mission in that country – made up of over 850 specialists – works along with Algerian healthcare staff in assisting and caring for the population in several wilayas (provinces), especially in the South of the country.

The diplomat stressed Cuba’s willingness to continue collaborating with that country and supporting each other in areas such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Regarding the perspectives between the two countries, Vergara announced that work is being carried out for the celebration in Havana, on a date yet to be defined, of the 22nd session of the Intergovernmental Commission, and highlighted the deep mutual will to consolidate and expand cooperation in several sectors.

Source: plenglish


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