Coronavirus in Algeria: New confirmed cases, deaths recorded, May 23


ALGIERS – One hundred and ninety-five (195) new cases of coronavirus, 170 cures and 10 deaths have been recorded during the last 24 hours in Algeria, said, on Saturday in Algiers, the spokesperson of the scientific committee in charge of the follow-up of the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic, Djamel Fourar.

Mr. Fourar clarified, during the daily press briefing on monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, that the number of confirmed cases, thus, rose to 8113 (18 cases / 100,000 inhabitants), and that of deaths to 592, while the total number of patients cured increased to 4426, of which 170 in the last 24 hours.

The new cases of death were recorded in the provinces of Blida (2 cases), Oran (2 cases), Sétif (2) and one case for each of the provinces of Algiers, Bejaia, Tipasa and Batna.

By age group, people aged 65 and over represent 66% of death cases.

Mr. Fourar added that 15 provinces have not recorded any new positive case for coronavirus during the last 24 hours, noting that the provinces of Algiers, Blida, Oran, Sétif, Tipasa and Adrar are those which recorded the greatest number of cases during the last 24 hours; 52% of confirmed cases.

In addition, Dr Fourar said that the number of patients who benefited from chloroquine treatment amounted to 14,059 including confirmed cases and other suspects according to indications from imaging and CT, specifying that 25 patients are currently in intensive care.

Finally, the same official reaffirmed the need to respect preventive measures, namely hygiene instructions, social distancing, confinement and wearing masks in order to help fight the spread of the pandemic.

Finally, the same official called upon, once again, the citizens to scrupulously respect social distancing and preventive measures, urging them to comply with the instructions, only, according to him, even able to contain this pandemic.

For its part, the government, “aware of the extra efforts that everyone has to make, reiterates its call for citizens to remain aware of the health, economic and social challenges of the Covid-19.”

It calls on the Algerians to “rigorously abide by the measures of hygiene, social distancing and protection, which are the only current means to stem this epidemic.

The government, also, underlines “the risks incurred by those who do not comply with the enacted preventive measures, and stresses the need for citizens and shopkeepers to be vigilant and behave in a responsible way to enable our country to effectively fight Covid-19”.

For Eid al Fitr, a partial lockdown will be applicable from 01:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. the next day in all provinces, Prime Minister’s office announced Tuesday in a statement.

“In accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during the meeting with the members of the Scientific Committee for monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the Prime Minister, Mr. Abdelaziz Djerad implemented additional prevention measures to be observed on the occasion of the celebration of Eid El Fitr “, specified the same source.

“In this context, a partial confinement at home will be applicable from 1:00 p.m. until the following day at 7:00 a.m. to all the provinces during the two (02) days of the feast of Eid El Fitr,” said the press release, adding that “during these two days, the circulation of all vehicles, including motorcycles, will also be suspended between the provinces and inside them”.

Furthermore, the same source noted that “the epidemiological surveys carried out by the specialized services of the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform revealed that the majority of cases of contamination were recorded during family events and groupings of people “.


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