Counter Terrorism: Ten terrorist bunkers destroyed in Jijel, Tebessa


ALGIERS-Detachments of the People’s National Army (ANP), on Wednesday, destroyed ten (10) terrorist bunkers in the provinces of Jijel and Tébessa, announced, Thursday, the National Defence Ministry in a communiqué.

“As part of the fight against terrorism, a detachment of the ANP discovered and destroyed, on May 20, 2020, during a search and combing operation carried out in the area of ​​Bordj Thar, daïra of Chakfa, province of Jijel / 5th MR, four (4) caches for terrorists and seized a pair of binoculars, a photovoltaic plate, seven (7) micro-laptops as well as computer tools and accessories and other objects, while another detachment destroyed (6) caches for terrorists in Bir El-Ater, province of Tébessa “, specifies the same source.

In addition, and as part of the fight against organized crime, a detachment of the ANP “intercepted, in Tindouf / 3e MR, two (2) individuals and seized an all-terrain vehicle, three (3) generators and four (4) jackhammers, while elements of the National Gendarmerie seized, in Béchar, 28 tonnes of flour intended for speculation “.

Similarly, elements of the National Gendarmerie “arrested, in In Amenas / 4th MR, three (3) smugglers aboard a tourist vehicle loaded with 2000 packs of cigarettes”.

In addition, a detachment of the ANP “seized, in coordination with the services of the National Security in Batna / 5th MR, 30.615 kilograms of treated Hashish, while Border guards apprehended, in El-Oued / 4 th MR , a drug trafficker in possession of 8,640 psychotropic tablets. Also, the Coast Guard foiled, in Chlef / 1 st MR , Oran and Aïn Témouchent / 2nd MR , attempts to smuggle 68 people, “the statement concluded.


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