🌜Eid Al Fitr 2020: Night of doubt fixed on Friday


The night of doubt for Eid El Fitr 2020 is set, for Algeria, on May 22, according to a press release from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Wakfs.

“The National Commission for the Observation of the Lunar Crescent” has informed “all citizens that the night of doubt devoted to the observation of the lunar crescent of the month of Choual for the year 1441 of the Hegira has been set for today, Friday (May 22) ”.

The same source added that a conference dedicated “to the night of doubt will be organized after the Maghreb prayer in Dar El Imam, in El Mohammadia, Algiers”. The event will be broadcast “live by the audiovisual media”. The document concluded with a prayer to “Allah Almighty” to save Algeria and all humanity from the Coronavirus pandemic. ”


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