Petrol stations will remain open during two Eid days


ALGIERS- The National Company for the Marketing of Petroleum Products (Naftal) reassured, Tuesday, the availability of fuels at its petrol stations which will remain open throughout the national territory during the two days of Aid El Fitr, the company said in a statement.

“During the two days of Aid El Fitr and like other days of the year, the entire network of Naftal petrol stations will remain open throughout the national territory, except during the containment hours decided by the public authorities, “the statement added.

During the confinement hours, “a minimum service will be provided for emergency and exceptional needs, in particular those concerning ambulances, vehicles of the constituted bodies as well as the needs of the citizens having authorization of circulation”, specified the same source.

To this end, Naftal reassures that petroleum products, all types combined, will be widely available in sufficient quantities throughout its network of petrol stations and that its storage and distribution centers as well as its caster centers will continue to operate.



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