Ramadan 2020: Tips to avoid bloating


After a big hearty Iftar, we might feel the constant pain of a bloated stomach and bad digestion.

What are the causes of bloating?

1) Eating your meal too fast.

2) Drinking water/ other juices during your meal.

3) Over eating during your meal.

4) Eating fruits right after your meal.

5) Drinking caffeinated (coffee, tea, etc..) beverages during or after your meal.

6) Eating high fat, high salt, very spicy foods.

7) Having a combination of tomato sauce with carbohydrates.

8) Extremely cold items, (ice cream, cream, cold milk)

9) Sleeping right after iftar.

So what helps alleviate these symptoms of bloating?

1) Eat with a fork, it helps you have smaller bites and you eat your food slower because you are trying to keep the food on the fork!

2) Make sure to have water 15 minutes before your meal and 30 minutes after your meal and avoid drinking water during meals.

3) Try to portion your food so that you have a few tablespoons of food on your plate and add more as you finish.

4) Try to have fruits 2-3 hours after your meal.

5) Our iftar meals are usually hot meals, and indulging in a super cool dessert or food right after or with your meal will definitely cause disruption in your digestive system.

6) Sleeping after any meal is never advisable. Try to do some light stretches and take a short walk around the house.



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