Abundant rains increase dam reserves by over 300 million m3


BLIDA- The recent rains recorded in several provinces have strengthened dam reserves by more than 300 million m3, announced Tuesday Water Resources Minister Arezki Berraki.

“The abundant rains recorded in recent days have contributed to the increase in the reserves of the dams by more than 300 million m3,” Mr. Berraki told APS on the sidelines of the inspection visit to a number of housing projects in the new city of Bouinan, in the company of the Minister of Housing and Town Planning, Kamel Naceri and the Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab.

Despite late rains this year and rising water consumption levels due to the fight against the spread of Covid-19, the fill rate of dams is currently around 62%, said Berraki who dubbed this rate as “good”.

Stressing that national reserves are around 4.2 billion m3, in addition to groundwater reserves, the same official estimated that this volume will cover the needs of citizens during next summer.



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