French photographer Marc Garanger dies at 85


ALGIERS – The famous French photographer Marc Garanger, known for his photographs representing Algerian women in 1960 under the colonial regime, died last Wednesday at the age of 85, according to an article published in the daily El-Watan.

Born in Lyon in 1935, Marc Garanger was passionate about photography in the 1950s. He joined the French army to perform his military service and was responsible for photographing nearly 2,000 Algerian women, mostly rural in the province of Bouira (Ain Terzine and El Mardoud in particular).

The colonial administration intended to enumerate the populations of the villages in order to better control them.

The photographs had been published for the first time in a Swiss magazine and had been considered as a testimony to French colonial barbarism with its corollary racism. They were then exhibited in several French cities, Greece and Finland.

Marc Garanger has received several international distinctions, including the French Niepce Photography Prize (1966), the New York Photo Festival Prize (2010) for his photographs of peoples and communities in different parts of the world.



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