Six new books dedicated to Sheikh Abdelhamid Benbadis being printed


CONSTANTINE-No less than six (6) new books dedicated to Sheikh Abdelhamid Benbadis and his incomparable work are currently being printed, said president of the Benbadis Foundation, Abdelaziz Filali, on Thursday to the APS.

“These books were to be finalized and distributed on the occasion of the celebration of April 16, Yaoum El Ilm, “Knowledge Day” but following the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to combat its spread, their publication will take place as soon as the health situation will allow it, “he said.

Mr. Filali underlined, in this regard, that the Benbadis Foundation publishes each year 6 to 7 new works on the reformist thought and ideas of Sheikh Abdelhamid retracing the illustrious journey and the activities of the founder of the association of Algerian Muslim ulemas.

“In total, the Benbadis Foundation, created in the year 2000, has published around 50 new works containing new data on the life and the relentless fight of Abdelhamid Benbadis in the service of freedom, progress and humanism”, the same official declared.

And to add: “We have not yet studied enough the work and the life of Abdelhamid Benbadis, this emblematic figure of the Muslim reformist movement in Algeria who gave everything out of love for his country and who saved the nation and the religion by opposing the French colonizer and his destructive agendas”.

The head of the Benbadis Foundation also welcomed the words of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the day before the celebration of Yaoum El Ilm, on April 16, ordering in particular to restore the old mosques in Algeria, including the Sidi Lakhdar mosque in Constantine, in which Sheikh Abdelhamid taught the Koran to students from various regions.

Deploring the halt to the renovation work on this mosque, launched in 2014 as part of the preparations for the Constantine demonstration, capital of Arab culture in 2015, Mr. Filali pays tribute to the President of the Republic who “knows the value of our ulemas. ”



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