Ramadan 2020: How to maintain healthy weight?


Here are some tips to make a few lifestyle changes to get the best out of this Ramadan and maintain healthy weight.
1. Start your meal with date

Dates are a very important source of sugar that will provide you with the energy you lost throughout the long hours of fasting, it is rich in fibers that will regulate your bowel movements. They are rich in magnesium and potassium as well.

2. Stay hydrated

This year Ramadan will be at the peak of summer , You have to drink enough water after you break your fast so that you do not feel thirsty.

3. Avoid thirst

Avoid salty foods because these will increase your thirst during the fasting period.

4. Break your fast slowly

Start with dates, water, followed by soup, a bowl of salad and then go to the main meal. If you feel full after the salad, you can take a break and continue your meals later.

5. Ensure that your meal has all food groups

Your iftar should have a source of grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy oils.

6. Make healthy food choices

Meats, legumes, eggs and dairy products are rich in proteins. Ensure you have at least one of these sources in every Ramadan meal.

7. Avoid Salty and Sugary Foods

Eating sweets immediately after iftar will result to bloating and cause a delay in digestion. It will also cause a fluctuation in the blood glucose level, which will lead to you craving for more sweets. That’s why, it is recommended to have sweets in moderation 2-3 hours after iftar.

Delightful sweets in Ramadan are hard to resist. To avoid consuming too many calories, indulge and enjoy with your family the tasty and creative delights while making sure you always practice portion control and moderation.

The more the food is salty, spicy or sweety, the more it will make you thirsty the following day.

8. Avoid coffee

Reduce your coffee consumption two weeks prior to Ramadan in order to avoid headaches and sleepiness.

9. Divide your meals

Having three meals is still important during this holy month: iftar, a light evening snack, and suhoor.

10. Exercise

Add exercise to your daily routine during Ramadan as this will help you maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyles.

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