Oran’s Theatre prepares “virtual” programme for Ramadan evenings


ORAN- A varied programme of art events will be put online by the “Abdelkader Alloula” Theater of Oran (TRO) for Ramadan evenings, Mourad Senouci manager of the theatre said on Tuesday.

This is a “virtual” program which will enable the TRO to maintain contact at a distance with its public, in accordance with the prevention measures in force in this health context marked by the fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, clarified to APS M. Senouci.

“Several shows will be broadcast in this context on all TRO social platforms, including the website, Facebook page, Youtube channel and mobile application,” he explained.

Thus, five theatrical works will be produced by the TRO, entitled “El-Ghalta” by Mourad Miliani, “El-Fehla” by Ali Nacer, “El-Balaout” by Hadjouti Boualem, “Maaroud Lel Hawa “by Mohamed Bakhti, and” Ledjoued “by the late playwright Abdelkader Alloula (1939-1994). They are dedicated for adults.

 As for the children, plays with puppet games, including “El-Houta Wa El-Djirène” by Medjahri Missoum, “Kalaat Nour” by Belkeroui Abdelkader, and “Pinnocchio” by Bensmicha Kada, will be showcased.

 Algerian literature is also honored in this program. The replay of three meetings already hosted at the TRO by novelists like Amine Zaoui, Wassiny Laaredj and Leila Aslaoui is on the agenda.

Music lovers will be invited to a concert of spiritual music by Leila Borsali, taken from the evening she had hosted last year on the stage of the TRO.

In addition, video reports for the discovery of several historic buildings in Oran will also be presented during this Ramadhan, which coincides with the celebration of Heritage Month (April 18-May 18), noted Senouci.



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