Algeria: International Landmine Awareness Day to be marked, today, in Algiers


ALGIERS- The International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action is to be observed Saturday in Algeria, where some 7300 victims of landmines dating back to the national liberation war have been recorded, while over 8.8 million of mines have been destroyed and 62 420 ha cleared.

The annual report on the issue Algeria submitted to the United Nations in 2019 highlighted the “tireless efforts” made over the past decades in cleaning and raising awareness of the dangers of anti-personal mines.

The mines have made “4830 Algerian civilian victims during the Glorious Revolution (1954-1962) and 2,470 victims after independence resulting in a minimum of 20% disability.”

According to the report, the ministries of Mujahedeen, Health and National

Solidarity “continue to provide services to the victims of anti-personal mines, including the new victims.”

“Any new victim of anti-personal mines dating back to the colonial era is eligible to the relevant pension,” it noted.

The Pensions “are granted under the legal order established by Act 74-3 of 16 January 1974,” which was subsequently amended.

The highest number of landmine victims is recorded in seven border provinces.



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