Public Television Establishment launches new Channel for Algerian families “TV 6 “


ALGIERS- The Public Television Establishment (EPTV) announced, on Wednesday, the launch of a new satellite television channel, TV6, intended for Algerian families.

In a press release, EPTV announced “the launch of a new satellite television channel, TV 6, intended for Algerian families, with a variety of programs including children’s programs such as cartoons, films for children as well as serials and films. ”

The new channel “will also broadcast Algerian humorous films and and foreign ones, in addition to the matches of the national football team through the program” History and Glories + “, added the source.

It also broadcasts “theatrical plays and different TV shows and programs produced by EPTV”, pointed out the same source, stressing that TV 6 “will be broadcast on the two frequencies 12240, 3000-3 / 4 horizontal and 11680, 27500-3 / 4 horizontal “.

Furthermore, EPTV has announced that “from Thursday March 26, 2020, the television channel A3 will become an information channel which will broadcast television news, news flashes and a variety of news and information programs, such as: ‘talk shows, in addition to thematic programs in various fields such as; the economy, the environment, sport and culture “.

“The three other channels of public television will continue their broadcasting without any modification, namely; Canal Algérie (in French), TV4 (in Tamazight) and TV 5 (Quran)”, concluded the press release.



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