Internet: SMWE4 international submarine cable cut on April 2, without impact on Algeria


The international SEA-ME-WE 4 (SMWE4) submarine fiber optic cable, to which Algeria is linked, will be cut by the international consortium which manages it, on April 2 for 7 days, with ” not much ”impact on the national internet network, Algerian Telecom CEO Mohamed Anouar Benabdelouahad told APS on Wednesday.

“The international consortium (made up of 16 countries) has planned to cut this cable for 7 days from April 2 to equip it with new equipment. Algeria, which is connected to this cable between Annaba and Marseille, will be affected, but with little impact on the national internet network, “he said.

However, he explained that the SMWE4 is “the main cable currently used by Algeria”, adding that the part to be affected is of a capacity “of around 700 Giga”.

The CEO of Algeria Telecom said that the other Algerian cables, namely the Orval / Alval cable, connecting Algiers, Oran and Valence (Spain) “are not yet ready”, and that of Medex, the Algerian fiber optic internet network connecting the United States of America to Asia via the Mediterranean basin, “will be available in around 2 months”.

“We have made arrangements to link our network to other cables, including those passing through Tunisia and Italy,” he said, adding that his company has done “what is necessary to activate enough capacity and that there are only about 80 gigabytes left to be ready next April 2 ”.

“The Algerian internet user will not feel any disruption in internet speed during this period (one week from April 2),” he said.



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