Coronavirus: Sit-in by Boufarik hospital staff


The workers of the EPH of Boufarik in Blida organized, this Thursday morning, a sit-in to denounce “a bad management of the health crisis of the coronavirus”.

In fact, hospital workers are demanding the departure of the director of the infectious disease department, denouncing a lack of attention to staff. This latter along with the lack of means, including protection, caused the death of a colleague by a coronavirus infection, according to them.

In addition, the protesters asked for a commission of inquiry, urging the head of state to pay a field visit to see the working conditions within the health facility.

According to representatives of the protesters, “the death of their colleague Djamel Salhi due to the paramedic , victim of an infection with Covid-19, is the droplet that caused the beaker to overflow” . “This has sparked the anger of all the workers, who are now demanding the intervention of the Head of State,” they stressed.

The protesters, also, criticized the policy adopted for the management of the crisis within the hospital. They hope for global and immediate change.


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