Coronavirus: Algerians stranded abroad to be repatriated shortly


Algerians stranded at foreign airports, particularly in Turkey, will soon be repatriated, according to the central director at the Ministry of the Interior, Local Assemblies and Regional Planning, Abdelouahab Betrima.

Indeed, the official indicated, on the airwaves of the national Radio channel I that the ministerial committee in charge of the repatriation of the nationals will soon respond the situation of the Algerians stranded in several airports in the world.

He said, however, that after the videos showing the treatment of Algerian nationals trapped in Istanbul had been released, the ministerial committee held an emergency meeting to find a solution for their repatriation, stating that a decision will be made shortly.

A plan to repatriate 2,278 Algerians stranded in airports abroad has been developed, announced the Ministry of Interior, Local Assemblies and National Planning in a communiqué last week.


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