Coronavirus: Algeria Pasteur Institute adopts new screening methods as lockdown measures come into effect


ALGIERS- The Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA) is planning to adopt new methods for screening the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), following the application of lockdown measures for certain regions, IPA Director General, Fouzi Derrar told APS.

“The lockdown measures applied in some areas will certainly help to contain the spread of the pandemic, hence the need for the Pasteur Institute to adopt new methods for screening the coronavirus,” Derrar said in a statement to APS on Wednesday.

Regarding the number of confirmed coronavirus cases recorded so far in Algeria, the same official said that the number is low, compared to that reported in the rest of the world.”

Following the entry into effect of the various new annexes of the Pasteur Institute, the National Reference Laboratory (LNR) will be under less pressure,” he said, adding that the Oran annex has recently entered into service, pending the entry into service of the annexes of Constantine, Tizi-Ouzou and Ouargla.”

Regarding the spreading of the virus in Algeria, Derrar said that “the scientific works carried out by the Pasteur Institute of Algeria shows that they are similar to those in France, which means that the virus was introduced from France.”

“The Institute is closely following all ongoing developments in the world regarding the spread of the Covid-19, particularly in France, to identify other virus strains and take effective measures to deal with the situation,” he added.

Deploring the claims targeting the Institute, particularly with regard to the Covid-19 screening and diagnostic protocol, Derrar said that the Institute operates “in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and

those in force in Europe, Asia and the United States of America.”

Furthermore, he said that the Institute, which is “a reference centre for the United Nations organisation, is constantly updating its information through international scientific seminars and applies its instructions in accordance with the field’s development.”

Cocerning the false negatives results mentioned by some, Derrar explained that “the technique applied at the Institute follows international recommendations” and that the ideas being circulated “are unfounded and have no scientific meaning.”

“The Pasteur Institute needs more support from the scientific and medical community so that it can give the most objective guidance possible in this particular situation that the country is going through,” he concluded.



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