Dismantling of network of displacement of illegal migrants from South to North


GHARDAIA – A network involved in the organization of operations for the displacement of clandestine sub-Saharan migrants from the south to the north of the country, for money, and human trafficking, has been dismantled in Ghardaïa province by the services of National Security, reported Wednesday a statement from the communication cell of the province Security.

During a routine check carried out at the northern entrance to the city of Ghardaïa, on Ghardaia / Algiers link bus , the police apprehended nine (9) individuals of different sub-Saharan nationalities who entered Algeria illegally, the statement said.

The investigation carried out within the framework of this case allowed the arrest of the driver, the receiver and another individual having alleged links with the organization of illegal migration from the South to the North for the sum of 3,000 DA per individual, specified the same press release.

Presented before the judicial authorities, the three individuals were punished with a heavy fine, according to the document, which does not provide any details on the fate of illegal migrants.

The operation is part of the continuous efforts made by the services of the DGSN to fight against the phenomenon of illegal migration and trafficking in human beings, the press release added.



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