France, Algeria’s main customer , China 1st supplier ==


“France maintained its position as the country’s first client while China remained its first supplier, the same trend was recorded during the last year,” according to the General Directorate of Customs’ statement.

Last January, the country’s top five customers represented 50.74% of Algerian exports.

France, maintains its place as the country’s main client with 374.65 million usd of Algerian exports to this country, (16.25% of the total amount of exports), down (-3.83%), followed by Turkey with 265.19 million USD (11.50%), Italy with 229.11 million USD (9.94%), China with 178.74 million USD (7.75%) and Belgium with 122 , 23 million usd (5.30%).

As for the main suppliers of Algeria, the top five represented 48.96%.

The five main suppliers of Algeria in January 2020 were China, which still maintains its first place with 562.01 million usd (18.14% of total Algerian imports), down 25.19%, followed by l Italy with 285.21 million usd (9.21%), France with 276.35 million usd (8.92%), Spain with 200.41 million usd (6.47%) and Germany with 192.53 million usd (6.22%).

In 2019, Algeria’s trade balance experienced a deficit of US $ 6.11 billion against US $ 4.53 billion in 2018, according to customs data.



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