Crisis committee set up to monitor market supply in basic foodstuffs


ALGIERS- Minister of Trade Kamel Rezig, installed a crisis committee, on Tuesday, to monitor the supply of the national market in this special situation marked by the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), the ministry said in a statement.

In addition to monitoring the conditions of supply to the markets, particularly in mass consumption products, the committee will have to intervene immediately in the event of a malfunction or disruption of supply and will take, to this end, all the measures necessary to guarantee the stability of the market, the statement said.

It will also work for the anticipation of cases that may lead to a disruption of market supply and the taking of all emergency measures in this situation as well as the exploitation and analysis of all the data provided by the departments concerned.

The committee will hold daily meetings and present a detailed daily report to the Minister of Commerce, the statement pointed out, adding that the committee’s work will remain open until the reasons for its creation continue to exist.

Chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry, the committee includes the Director General for the regulation and organization of activities, the Director General for economic control and the prevention of fraud, a director of studies at the General Secretariat, the Director of the market and regulated professions, the director of control of commercial and anti-competitive practices and the director of quality control and fraud prevention.

It comprises, added the same source, four subcommittees: that of the provinces of the Center, composed of the two regional directors of Algiers and Blida and the directors of commerce of these two regions, and the subcommittee of the provinces of the West, composed of the two regional directors of Oran and Saida as well as the trade directors of these two provinces.

The eastern subcommittee is made up of the regional directors of Batna, Sétif and Annaba and the trade directors of the three provinces, while that of the southern provinces consists of the two regional directors of Ouargla and Béchar and the directors of trade of these two provinces, concluded the press release.



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