Coronavirus: 160 individuals arrested, 153 speculation, fraud cases handled


ALGIERS- Units of the National Gendarmerie, in the last 24 hours, handled 153 cases and arrested 160 individuals for speculation and fraud in widely consumed foodstuffs, said, Tuesday, a communiqué of the National Gendarmerie Command.

“As part of the fight against speculation, monopoly and fraud in widely consumed food stuffs and parapharmaceutical products and in order to put an end to these criminal practices of people exploiting the current economic and sanitary situation, namely the spread of new Coronavirus (Covid-19), the National Gendarmerie units have managed, in the past 24 hours, to deal with 153 cases and arrest 160 people, “the statement said.

During the processing of these cases, 48,000 pairs of medical gloves, 40,202 tonnes of flour, 33.03 tonnes of semolina, 28.8 quintals of pulses, 12.64 quintals of pasta, 156 kg of coffee, 3,900 eggs and 348 chickens were seized, specified the same source.

In this context, the National Gendarmerie units invite citizens to “actively participate in the fight against the different types of crime by reporting without delay any speculative, monopolistic or fraudulent transaction and any offense or attack on the public interest”, recalling the technological supports put available to citizens for this purpose, namely its toll-free number (1055) and the Pre-complaints and online information site (PPGN.MDN.DZ), concluded the same source.



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