ūüĆúRamadan 2020: Night of doubt fixed on April, 23 rd


The night of doubt has been fixed on Thursday, April, 23rd, 2020.

The National Lunar Crescent Observeration Committee at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs has announced that the night of doubt, observing the first day of Ramadan, has been scheduled for Thursday, April, 23rd, 2020, said the ministry in a statement.

Thus, the beginning of the month of Cha√Ębane 1441 will take place tomorrow Thursday.

‚ÄúThe National Lunar Crescent Observation Commission at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs informs all citizens that the night of doubt devoted to the observation of the lunar crescent announcing the first day of the month of Ramadan for the year 1441 Hegira / 2020 was set for Thusday, cha√Ębane, 29, 1441 Hegira corresponding to April, 23, 2020, ‚Äúsaid the same source.

This most sacred month in Islam, when Muslims abstain from food, sex, and other immoral behaviors, will start in Algeria on either Friday, April, 24, 2020 or Saturday, April, 25, 2020.

Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan


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