ALGIERS – The National Interprofessional Office for Vegetables and Meats (ONILEV) reassured on Monday that national stocks of potatoes are sufficient for several months.

“ONILEV calls on all citizens across the national territory to avoid any panic and apprehension linked to the insufficiency of this commodity on the markets, during the days and weeks to come, adding that the quantities stored of this foodstuff at ONILEV level are sufficient for several months “, indicated the Office on its Facebook page.

Following the skyrocketing prices of consumer potatoes, during the past week, ONILEV has supplied the national market with large quantities of this commodity to break up speculation and fight against rising prices .

This operation, still in progress, concerned the markets of 21 provinces, including 14 wholesale markets, in addition to the opening of 25 direct outlets for the benefit of citizens, at a price of 30 to 40 DA / kg, hence falling prices in the markets.

In this regard, ONILEV is committed to ensuring the regulation of the markets, with a view to fighting against monopoly and speculation until the end of this “national test”, calling on consumers in civil society to demonstrate “cohesion and solidarity, particularly in this health situation in the country”.



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