Coronavirus: Basic foodstuffs availability: Minimum of six months, no shortage expected


ALGIERS- Basic food products are available for a period of six months, and one year for some foodstuffs, which does not justify the rush to grocery stores over coronavirus concerns, the head of the national organization of Algerian tradesmen and craftsmen, El Hadj Tahar Boulenouar, said Tuesday in Algiers.

Guest at the daily forum “El Mihwar El Yaoumi”, the same official said that “stocks of the main food products can be enough for 5 to 6 months, or even until the end of 2020”.

As an example, Mr. Boulenouar cited the case of milk powder, the stocks of which are sufficient until September of the current year. While stocks of cereals and other agricultural products cover the whole of the current year.

“This means that nothing can justify the purchase by some citizens of large quantities of food products for supply purposes,” he said, adding that this increase in demand opens the door to speculation.

During the past few days, the ANCA official noted a sharp increase in demand for food products.

According to him, this increase could reach up to 40%, in particular as regards semolina, sugar, oil, coffee and pulses.

In the provincs of Algiers, Tipasa and Blida, the increase in demand of food merchants could reach up to 60-70% according to ANCA estimates.

In addition, as part of the fight against the risks of spreading the coronavirus, the same official insisted on the need for bakers and restaurants to use gloves, “as well as for all the traders who sell products not packed “.



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