Algerian struggle against colonialism exhibition opened in Doha

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“The Historical Epic of the Algerian Struggle against Colonialism” exhibition was opened on Wednesday in Qatar, an event organised in co-operation with the Algerian embassy in Doha.

In this aspect, the opening ceremony was attended by Katara’s Human Resources Department director Saif Saad al-Dosari and Algerian embassy’s charge d’affaires Nasr El-Din in the presence of guests and a number of Algerian expatriates.

In his speech, Nasr El-Din affirmed the depth of friendship and co-operation between Qatar and Algeria at various levels. He pointed to the importance of the exhibition as it falls within the commemoration of the Victory Day, which is a remembrance of the culmination of the struggle of the Algerian people for more than 132 years.

Commemorating the support, received by Algerians from the Qataris during their struggle against colonialism, the chargé d’affaires said that the people of Algeria appreciate the solidarity of the Arab people and governments. The exhibition features a number of photographs dating back to the period of the struggle against the colonial powers during the Algerian revolution along with pictures of the fighters of the National Liberation Army. The exhibition also focuses on the participation of Algerian women and children in the revolution.

There are Algerian publications on display and they give visitors an idea of various fields of culture, urbanism and documentation in Algeria. The exhibition will continue until March 17.


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