No restrictions in constitution revision, except for national unity, identity, President Tebboune


ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune reaffirmed Sunday, in Algiers, that “there aren’t any restrictions in the expected constitutional revision, except for national unity and identity.

While listening, recently, to a report of Chairman the expert Committee in charge of making proposals for a constitutional revision, Ahmed Laraba, on what has been achieved in this field so far, “I insisted on the fact that there aren’t any restrictions expect for those relating to the national unity and identity,” said President Tebboune in his speech at the opening of the meeting Government-Walis.

In this regard, President of the Republic underlined that once finalized, the first version of the constitutional revision will be distributed to everyone “so that the Constitution be consensual,” adding that “everyone has the right to give a negative or positive opinion” on this document.

The next Constitution “will enshrine the separation of powers to define everyone’s missions. It will enable us to break with the old practices and the gaffes of autocracy.”

The expected constitutional revision occurs within the framework of the “new policy that we want to adopt to make a change,” he said, adding “we must build together a real, strong, non-cyclical and non-tailor-made democracy. We are progressively taking this direction” which will include in a first stage the revision of the Constitution, being “the basis of governance in all the systems.”

President Tebboune broached the possible creation of an independent constitutional Court that will give ruling on cases opposing the authorities, in addition, he said, to the current constitutional Council.

In the second phase, the organic law on the electoral system will be revised as part of an initiative aimed at “banishing dirty money and corrupters from politics” and enabling “the emergence of a new political class of young people.”

President Tebboune pointed out that the electoral Code “will be completely revised and will see the introduction of control measures that will help reaching posts via elections,” in order to “eradicate the phenomena of evading from responsibilities and the purchase of consciousness.”



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