President Tebboune opens Government-walis meeting


ALGIERS-The Government-walis (governors) meeting, themed “For a new Algeria,” kicked off Sunday in Algiers under the chairmanship of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in the presence of Premier Abdelaziz Djerad, members of the Government as well as central and local executives.

Organized simultaneously at the Palais des Nations (for speeches and communications) and at the International Conference Center (for workshops and debates), the meeting brings together, for two days, more than 1,100 participants including government socio-economic partners .

Decided by president Tebboune, this meeting will have to define the priorities and will fix the deadlines of execution of the Plan of action of the Government, in particular to mitigate the inequalities as regards local development in the regions of the South, the mountainous and rural zones, as well than the suburbs, said the Ministry of the Interior, Local Government and Regional Planning.

As part of a new spirit of governance, established on the basis of a harmonious sustainable development approach, highlighting the quality of the citizen, the meeting aims to widen the field of reflection and in application of the plan adopted by the public authorities in order to establish an efficient development approach and generate wealth.

Thus, the meeting will focus on six themes related to a new high-performance development approach with a view to concretizing all the development actions for which the President of the Republic is committed and which are contained in the action plan of the Government.

This meeting is planned to tackle in particular the questions inherent in local development and the improvement of the living environment of the citizen through the implementation of an urban governance focused on the modern management of new cities, the control of housing as well as the improvement of urban living amenities.

It is also a question of looking into the continuous improvement of the citizen’s living environment through a process of planning local development systems and the instruments of its financing with a view to coherence and complementarity.

The participants will also discuss the problem of road accidents as part of an integrated multisectoral strategy aimed at reducing traffic accidents and putting in place technical devices and communication and awareness-raising actions on road safety.

In the economic and local development field, the meeting will focus on themes relating to the management of economic land, support for start-ups, opening up border and mountainous areas as well as the digitization of local public services.

Interactive workshops bringing together the different participants will be animated around these themes, in a continuous manner, throughout this meeting which should lead to a series of operational recommendations likely to transform the vision of the public authorities into concrete actions of development in all sectors.



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