President of the Republic, government determined to protect Algeria against any danger


ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said Saturday that the president of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune and the government were determined to forge ahead with all national forces to protect Algeria against any danger.

“The president of the Republic and his government are determined to go forward with all domestic forces, through dialogue, consultation and genuine partnership, to protect Algeria against any danger,” Djerad said while presenting the government’s action plan at the Council of the Nation (upper house of Parliament).

In this respect, the Prime Minister stressed “the responsibility of all political forces, the economic, social and scientific elites, as well as citizens in the construction of Algeria, for which millions of mujahideen (freedom fighters) and martyrs have paid a heavy price since 1830.”

The government’s action plan aims to “build a new Algeria meeting the aspirations and legitimate ambitions of the people.”

The plan provides for “speeding up a thorough revision breaking with the management methods that have produced costly and wasteful administrations as well as more and more vulnerable societies.”

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The government is called upon to work on two fronts, the first is social, and is aimed to guarantee equal opportunities, establish a climate of trust and support as part of a new Algeria that excludes no one, he said.

The second front is economic and is relating to the revival of national economy, by reassuring the investors harmed by wrong choices in the economic management and the instability of legislation.

The Prime minister said the old, obsolete methods, which have worsened the socio-economic situation, stood in the way of initiatives instead of stimulating them.

The government’s action is based on benchmarks, set by president of the Republic’s programme, providing “a vision, a method and a programme breaking with the old practices,” he said.

The benchmarks lay “on three principles, namely human development, energy transition and digital transformation.”



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