Government-walis meeting: Main axes raised by President Tebboune


ALGIERS-The Government-walis (governors) meeting, themed “For a new Algeria,” kicked off Sunday in Algiers under the chairmanship of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in the presence of Premier Abdelaziz Djerad, members of the Government as well as central and local executives.

Organized simultaneously at the Palais des Nations (for speeches and communications) and at the International Conference Center (for workshops and debates), the meeting brings together, for two days, more than 1,100 participants including government socio-economic partners .

Decided by president Tebboune, this meeting will have to define the priorities and will fix the deadlines of execution of the Plan of action of the Government, in particular to mitigate the inequalities as regards local development in the regions of the South, the mountainous and rural zones, as well than the suburbs, said the Ministry of the Interior, Local Government and Regional Planning.

As part of a new spirit of governance, established on the basis of a harmonious sustainable development approach, highlighting the quality of the citizen, the meeting aims to widen the field of reflection and in application of the plan adopted by the public authorities in order to establish an efficient development approach and generate wealth.

In this aspect, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune gave firm instructions to the walis to face corruption at central and local levels, and to ban certain practices such as “zerdats” and this, within the framework of their new missions for local development.

Speaking to the walis, at the government-walis meeting, the president said: “Stop the false promises.” You are responsible for finding serious solutions to the problems of citizens, ”he said.

In the same context, President Tebboune ordered the walis to intensify “the field visits which should be devoted, only to solving the problems of the citizens, and not to appearances”. Tebboune stressed, in this regard, the need to banish the policy of “zardats” and extravagance during their visits to the field. ” Why do we use 30 cars during field trips! ” he lamented.

Besides, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune summoned the walis to change their practices in dealing with the concerns of citizens, aiming for “change at the local level”, which could improve their living environment.

“We must break with the old practices to restore confidence between the citizen and the institutions of the State”, said, this Sunday, the President of the Republic, during his speech on the sidelines of the government – walis meeting .

Seizing this opportunity, the President of the Republic, indicated in the process, that since his election as head of the country, he has really been committed to meeting the aspirations of the popular movement in the country.


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