International Women Monodrama Festival: Egyptian “Ana Carmen” awarded in El Oued


EL OUED- Egyptian play “Ana Carmen” (I am Carmen) by the company “El-Beit El-Fenni” snatched the first prize of the International Women Monodrama Festival, which wrapped up Wednesday in El Oued.

This work, edited in its entirety (writing, interpretation, scenography and staging) by the actress Sana Brahim, won the prize for the best theatrical work in monodrama, deals with the paths adopted by each woman “Carmen” vis-à-vis feelings of love and fulfillment in a varying world under the weight of traditions as well as human and other divine laws.

The second prize went to the cultural cooperative “Anis” from the province of Sétif for its play “Ahat” (sighs), written and directed by Lamri Kaouane, and interpreted by the actress “Amira Hilda”.

A work which treats, through the character of “Hedda”, an unmarried midwife of strong character exercising in a maternity.

The association “Nadjm” of Gafsa (Tunisia), for its part, won the 3rd prize for its monodrama “One of these days”, interpreted by the actress “Aouatif Mebarek” and evoking the relation of society with the networks of social communication/( social-media).

Organized by the theatrical association “Sitar” at the house of culture “Mohamed Lamine Lamoudi” in El-Oued, this international theatrical manifestation was animated, during four days, by eleven (11) troops coming from nine countries ( Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Spain and Algeria).

Dedicated in homage to the late Algerian actress “Sonia” (who died on May 13, 2018), this event also provided training workshops on scenography, interpretation and writing of the monodrama.

Placed under the theme of “the theater, creation reflecting reality”, this festival also included academic communications relating to monodrama, the Tunisian experience in the female theater, the experience of the late Sonia in the Algerian theater, the text, story and treatment and the Libyan experience in female theater.



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