Western Sahara: Morocco is not recognized as an administrating power


– The Delegate of the Frente POLISARIO in the Canary Islands Hamdi Mansur recalled, in an interesting talk-colloquium in the San Borondón Hall along with Anselmo Fariña, member of Sahara Action, that Morocco is not recognized as an administrating power, but as an invader that maintains a military occupation against all the principles of peoples’ rights and international justice.

The Sahrawi diplomat underlined that Morocco is an expansionist power in the region, posing threats to its neighbors which its occupation to Western Sahara is a flagrant example.

He went on saying that extending the adjacent waters of Western Sahara to the Canary Islands is a blatant violation of international law, both of the International Court of The Hague and of all the opinions of the UN justice apparatus and especially of the European Courts of Justice, which issued verdict that Western Sahara is separate and distinct, pending decolonization. SPS


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