Khenchela: Opening of 1st literature seminar in presence of 50 authors


KHENCHELA – The “Ali Souahi” house of culture in Khenchela hosted the first literature seminar of the province on Thursday, in the presence of 50 authors from 11 province, in addition to 10 teachers representing several universities in the country.

The opening of the cultural event was marked by the presentation of a play produced by the Algerian National Theater Mahieddine Bachtarzi (Algiers), entitled “GPS”, addressing the dilemma of contemporary man, torn between ideas and principles , his attitude towards time, dependence and waiting without achieving the desired goal.

A show combining cinematographic and theater techniques, mimes and kinetics to convey messages and ideas decrying submission and wandering.

In this regard, Noureddine Kouider, director of the house of culture of Khenchela, affirmed to the APS that the seminar, placed under the slogan “El Djazair Tantassir bi aklamiha ” (Algeria will conquer with the help of its feathers), aims to highlight the most important contemporary literary subjects, attract intellectuals, academics and the public interested in this field, in addition to presenting proposals with a view to giving this event a national character.

The official added that the meeting included several interventions focused on “creative thinking in the poem ”,” creative thinking in the novel “in addition to” creative thinking in the theater “, indicating that these conferences will be punctuated by a reading of poems by the participants who will occasionally present their works.

According to Mr. Kouider, a cultural program of leisure and tourism was also developed for the benefit of the participants, like a tourist trip to the most important archaeological sites of the province of Khenchela, the presentation of new theatrical pieces , including the one entitled “Ars Edhib” (the marriage of the wolf) of the regional theater Mohamed Tahar Fergani of Constantine, presented next Sunday, as well as other shows produced by the house of culture Ali Souaiî.

For his part, the writer and teacher Badis Foughali, from the University of Oum El Bouaghi, underlined that the literary seminar of Khenchela represents an “opportunity to meet and exchange between writers and poets from various provinces of the country “, indicating that the aspects addressed during the cultural event will relate to many subjects capable of helping to stimulate the cultural fact in Algeria.

During the first edition of the literary meeting, which will continue until December 30, the novelist and storyteller Mohamed Abdelali Arâr, a native of the city of Khenchela, will be honored for his efforts in the cultural field and literary, the organizers said.



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