Ali Benflis quits political life, announces his resignation from Talaïe El Houriyet party


Former Prime Minister Ali Benflis announced, today, his resignation from the Talaïe El Houriyet party.


Ali Benflis announced his resignation at the meeting of the Talaïe El Houriyet’s central committee. “For more than four and a half years you have given me this opportunity and you have entrusted me with this mission which was concretized by the foundation of the Talaïe El Houriyet party which crowned a political journey of fifteen years” the official pointed out.

In addition, Ali Benflis has revealed the identity of his successor as temporary head of the party. Abdelkader Sâadi will be in charge of managing the party’s current affairs until the congress is held. A commission was also charged with preparing this congress, which will be sanctioned by the election of a new president for the party.


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