2019-Housing: closure of AADL1, delivery of property deeds to beneficiaries


ALGIERS – The closing of the rental-type housing file (AADL1), the launch of the operation of the handing over of the property deeds  to the beneficiaries of the various housing formulas and the acceleration of the construction and distribution of housing were the key points of the year 2019 for the Housing sector.


The Housing sector, one of the main axis guaranteeing the social stability of households, worked in 2019 to launch all registered projects and complete projects in progress .

“The state will continue to carry out housing programs, all formulas, nationwide,” said sector officials.

This year, the sector has instructed Algerian project managers to carry out housing programs, demanding compliance with deadlines and quality standards, while being intransigent with any company that does not meet deadlines.


Commissions set up within this framework have inspected more than 500,000 units under construction at the national level and proposed the implementation of the measures stipulated by law against contractors who do not comply with the specifications signed, in particular the clauses relating to project completion deadlines and quality standards.

Last September, the supervisory ministry had started to terminate the contracts of national and foreign companies “recalcitrant in the delivery of their housing projects on time”.

“It is no longer possible to tolerate delays in the reception of housing projects without valid supporting documents,” he stressed.

During this same period of the year, it was decided that housing contracts of more than 1,000 units should no longer be awarded to a single company to allow construction companies to complete their projects.

250,000 dwellings, all formulas combined, allocated

With regard to housing under construction, the 2019 program saw the enrollment of more than 682,000 units, including 273,500 rental-type housing (AADL), 217,500 public rental housing (LPL), 114,000 participatory (LSP) and assisted promotional housing (LPA), in addition to 22,000 public promotional housing units (LPP) and 55,000 rural habitats.

As for the achievements made in 2019, the sector saw, until October 31, the allocation of 250,000 housing units including 100,000 housing (LPL), 18,000 (LSP and LPA), in addition to 67,000 sales units -location (AADL), 2,000 dwellings (LPA) and 40,000 aid for rural housing.

In addition to 20,500 plots of land distributed as part of the social housing estates, some 2,500 financial aids were given for the restoration of housing and prefabricated housing in accordance with the provisions of Executive Decree 19-259 of September 2019.


With regard to public facilities, more than 656 school structures were received during the 2019-2020 school year, including 426 primary schools, 137 CEMs and 93 high schools throughout the national territory.

The year 2019 was also marked by the launch of projects for the realization of 87,000 dwellings of different formulas, including more than 29,000 rental-sale type units (AADL), and more than 18,000 dwellings (LPA).

As a reminder, the supervising ministry has repeatedly reaffirmed the State’s willingness to complete the housing programs until all requests have been satisfied.

2019: … delivery of the first property deeds

The Sector has started, since current December, the delivery of property deeds to the beneficiaries of the various housing formulas and the regularization of all the property and housing bases, carried out within the framework of public or specific programs, following the instruction of the Prime Minister dated back to November 6, 2019 addressed to all the members of the Government and the Governors, in order to complete all the measures essential for the delivery of the deeds of property to the beneficiaries within the set deadlines.

To this end, some 2,400 deeds of property were given to beneficiaries of housing of different formulas, divided into 616 deeds of property for the LPL formula, 1,130 acts of LSP and LPA, 184 acts of AADL housing, 365 acts of LPP, in addition 40 LPL-type acts and 65 property acts relating to the regularization of citizens’ property tax bases.

In this regard, a national commission was also created under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior and Local Government, in coordination with the Ministries of Housing, Finance and Agriculture.

Local commissions were subsequently set up across the national territory, under the chairmanship of the governors , bringing together all the departments concerned, responsible for drawing up a clear picture of the prevailing situation and giving efficient proposals which take into account local specificities of the property settlement issue.


The local commissions were also responsible for listing, within 20 days, all the dwellings concerned by the regulation of property deeds and determining the constraints hindering the preparation of property deeds.

The Sector continued the development of the new Law on town and country planning amending Law N 90-29 of December 1, 1990, by involving local authorities in its enrichment so that it complies with the requirements of the urban development in Algeria.

The Sector will, in 2020, continue the work for the concretization of the formula of public rental housing (LPL), a formula which will allow the sector to move towards new modes likely to alleviate the demand on housing in Algeria.

The executive decree relating to this formula was drawn up and deposited at the level of the General Secretariat of the Government pending its next presentation to the Government.

In addition, in 2019 the sector adopted a new strategy based on the revision of housing finance procedures, by reducing systematic recourse to the public treasury and encouraging the construction of housing partially subsidized by the State, like rural housing, assisted promotional housing (LPA) or the new promotional rental housing formula (LLP).

During this year 2019, a total of 282,000 lots of land were developed at the level of the provinces of the South and the Hauts-Plateaux, spread over 29 provinces , on a total area of ​​23,000 ha to be gradually distributed to the beneficiaries, in addition to the allocation of an envelope of 92 billion DA for the support of the operations of realization of the Channels and various networks (VRD) and the development at the level of the subdivisions, as well as the consecration of an additional envelope of 98 billion DA, under the 2020/2021 plan, for the completion of these operations.

120,000 units of the LPA formula were also allocated at the national level, bringing the program devoted to this formula from 70,000 housing in 2018 to 120,000 housing in 2019, an increase of 50,000 housing able to meet the growing demand for this formula.

On the sidelines of the festivities commemorating the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the National Liberation War on November 1 of this year, an operation to distribute 57,364 housing units and financial aid was launched across the various provinces of the country.


280 billion Da for the realization of housing programs in 2020

For the coming financial year, the prospective studies drawn up by the Sector expect better dynamics in terms of housing construction.

In this context, it is planned to receive 160,000 AADL housing units at the level of the different provinces, in addition to the construction of nearly 700 educational establishments (three cycles) which will be distributed gradually from next August.

The year 2020 will also see the construction and reception of more than 1,300 extracurricular structures (canteens, medical units) in addition to other infrastructures belonging to other sectors such as health, sports, security and telecommunications .

The finance bill (PLF 2020) proposes the mobilization of an envelope of 280 billion DA for the realization of housing programs.

The equipment budget for housing under the PLF 2020, amounts to DA 306.745 billion including DA 4.9 billion for the realization of VRD (road network various), the development of social housing in the provinces of the South and Hauts-Plateaux, as well as the work of the VRDs relating to the various housing programs and the carrying out of studies in the field of town planning.

A budget of 16.97 billion DA will be allocated for the development of new cities, intended to cover the expenses of studies and development works of new cities and urban centers in Sidi Abdellah, Bouinan, Bouguezoul, Draa Eriche, Ali Mendjli and Ain Nehas.

Another envelope of 4.5 billion DA will be released for compensation for expropriations at the level of the new city of Sidi Abdellah and the carrying out of development studies of the various urban centers.

An amount of 340 million was allocated, in the second installment, for the modernization of the administration of the sector (connection to the national network of the Ministry of the Interior, acquisition of computer equipment and software).



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