Mila: Recovery of more than 780 cultural objects since early 2019


MILA – A total of 782 cultural objects, mostly old coins, have been recovered since the start of 2019 and sent to the local directorate of culture to be transferred to the national museums for preservation.

According to the head of the cultural heritage service of Mila’s department, Lazghad Chiaba, the recovery of these cultural property took place through “large-scale” operations carried out by the security services of the province as part of the protection of the cultural heritage, having allowed to thwart numerous attempts of illegal sale of these goods which are of, he specified, “a historical and archaeological importance”.

He also stated that 8 operations were carried out in this regard, from last January until last week of this month, during which the services concerned recovered  17 pieces of gold dating from the Ottoman period.

The cultural property recovered is varied, he said, and mostly represents coins dating from the Numidian period to the Ottoman Empire, as well as 3 oil lamps in pottery, a manuscript, a ring and 3 statuettes, in addition to coins of copper, silver and other precious metals (gold).

Cultural goods recovered in 2019 are considered to be of a “high quality”, as is the case with archaeological pieces of gold dating back to the Numidian and Roman periods, he said.

As a reminder, 4 archaeological sites were discovered on the territory of the province during the current year; 3 cemeteries and an old site dating from antiquity.



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