Presidential election, valuable achievement leading up to new era


BATNA (Algeria)- The minister of Communication, spokesman of the Government and acting minister of Culture, Hassane Rabehi, said Sunday the presidential election of December 12th was a “valuable achievement that will pave the way for a new era based on real democracy and the construction of the rule of law.”


In an address during the inauguration of a new TV station in Batna (435-km southeast of Algiers), Rabehi said the presidential election, held three days ago, was a “valuable achievement paving the way for a new era based on real democracy and the building of the rule of law, for which our forefathers have sacrificed themselves and to which honest patriots have aspired.”

“This historic event,” he added, “went smoothly in a way equal to Algerian people’s awareness and our National Army’s commitment to the doctrine of loyalty to the home country, to the preservation of its unity and sovereignty.”

The Algerian people “have exerted their right to vote, in all parts of the country, with a strong belief and big hope in the future, showing the entire world that the love of the country is in their genes,” Rabehi said.

The Algerians “have always been distinguished by their positions of brave people standing in the way of predators and thwarting the schemes of plotters and people full of hatred.”




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