President Tebboune to be sworn in the week following election


ALGIERS- President-elect Abdelmadjid Tebboune will take the oath of office during the week, in line with the Constitution, as the Constitutional Council announced Monday evening the final results of the presidential election of December 12th.

Article 89 of the Constitution stipulates that the President-elect of the Republic “takes an oath before the people and in the presence of the high authorities of the nation, in the week following his election”. He takes office immediately after taking the oath, according to the same article.

According to article 90, the President of the Republic takes an oath in the following terms: “In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Most Grateful. Faithful to the supreme sacrifice and to the sacred memory of our martyrs, as well as ‘to the ideals of the eternal November revolution, I swear by Almighty God to respect and glorify the Islamic religion, to defend the Constitution, to ensure the continuity of the State, to meet the conditions necessary for the normal functioning of institutions and the constitutional order, to work for the strengthening of the democratic process, to respect the free choice of the people, as well as the institutions and laws of the Republic, to preserve the integrity of the national territory, the unity of the people and of the nation, to protect the fundamental freedoms and rights of man and of the citizen, to work tirelessly for the development and prosperity of the people and to work, with all my might, to realization of the great ideals of justice, freedom and peace in the world. God is a witness. ”


Thus, the first mission of the President of the Republic after taking the oath will consist in the appointment of the Prime Minister “after consulting the parliamentary majority”, according to the provisions of article 91 of the Constitution.

Article 93 of the country’s fundamental law provides that the President of the Republic “appoints the members of the Government after consultation with the Prime Minister who coordinates the action of the Government”. The latter “draws up his action plan and presents it to the Council of Ministers”.

President-elect Abdelmadjid Tebboune said during his first media outing that forming a new government was a “very difficult” task, assuring that the Algerian people will be “surprised by the appointment of new young ministers”.

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