Belaid expresses his esteem for will of Algerian people


ALGIERS – The candidate for the presidential election of December 12, Abdelaziz Belaid announced, after the proclamation of the preliminary results of this election, “his esteem for the will of the Algerian people”, highlighting his approach to “protect the sovereignty of the Algerian people and preserve the supreme interests of the Motherland”.


In a press statement, following the proclamation by the National Independent Election Authority (ANIE) of the preliminary results, announcing the victory of the candidate Abdelmadjid Tebboune with a rate of 58.15% of the votes , Mr. Belaid expressed “respect and esteem for the will of the people”, recalling that “the people affirmed that the election of December 12 was the suitable and unique way out of the crisis”.

Belaid said he will continue his fight for “an Algeria of freedoms and democracy. A modern Algeria with strong institutions”.

Belaid praised the efforts of ANIE on this occasion, despite the “shortcomings and overruns that marred” the voting process, before congratulating the president-elect.

Mr. Belaid was ranked 5th with a rate of 6.66% of the votes .



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