Voting abroad, in itinerant polling stations continues under “good conditions”


ALGIERS-  The Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE) said Wednesday that voting by the national community established abroad as well as in the itinerant polling stations, for the December 12th presidential election is continuing “regularly” and “under good conditions.”

The members of the national community residing abroad started Saturday to vote for the 12 December Presidential Election. However, voting began on Monday through mobile offices for nomads and military members in the desert and border territories.

These offices have been provided with the necessary electoral equipment to allow voters to submit their votes in a comfortable way.

The offices are manned with members of the Independent Electoral Authority and the current administration, in addition to representatives of the election candidates.
The nomads and the military members perform their electoral duty at 135 mobile offices distributed in different regions, and this is three days before the specified election period, December 12.

The voting process for the presidential elections scheduled for next Thursday was launched on Sunday for communities abroad.




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