Bensalah: Presidential election, “historic opportunity” to building Rule of Law in Algeria


ALGIERS- Head of the State Abdelkader Bensalah said Wednesday that the Presidential election, to take place on Thursday (December 12th) is a “historic opportunity” to consolidating democracy and social justice, and building the Rule of Law institutions in Algeria.


In his opening address of the Council of Ministers meeting, Bensalah said that the “December 12th election constitutes a historic opportunity for our citizens who are committed to democracy and social justice, and to building the Rule of Law institutions our people aspire to.”

In this regard, he affirmed that “guarantees and measures for this election have been taken, in line with the popular demands.”

The Head of the State once again called on the Algerians to “mobilize for the success of the poll,” praising “the members of the national community abroad who have accomplished their national duty and confirmed their strong connection with their homeland despite the attempts to disturb them.”

Bensalah bemoaned such behaviors which are practiced in the name of “democracy, but without taking into account its most basic requirements.”

The Head of the State also voiced his “great satisfaction with the important strides made on the path leading to this crucial and historic election, in consistency with the previously announced approach and in compliance with the principles and provisions of the basic law of the State and the laws of the Republic.”

“This achievement undoubtedly confirms that the State, despite attempts to question its approach, has fulfilled its obligations and has not deviated from its sincere endeavor to enable our noble people to freely and fairly elect a President of the Republic.”



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