Algerians head to polls to elect new President


Algeria will be voting for the first time in the post-Bouteflika period on Thursday for a new president.

More than 24 million voters are called for the polls Thursday to take part in the presidential election, considered crucial and decisive in ending the country’s political crisis.

A total of 24,474,161 voters, including 914,308 registered at the diplomatic and consular centers abroad were listed during the operation of periodic revision of the electoral rolls, conducted from 12 to 17 October 2019, by the National Independent Authority of the Elections (ANIE).

The number of the newly registered electors during the periodic revision has reached 289,643, while the number of those removed from the electoral list has reached, during the same operation, a total of 123,239 voters, said ANIE, pointing out that the number of the electorate increased by 165,804 electors, up by 0.67%.

Concerning the supervision of the election, ANIE has mobilized 501,031 supervisors, including 427,854 ones for polling stations and 66,410 for voting centers, in addition to 6,164 supervisors of communal electoral commissions, 147 supervisors of provincial electoral commissions, as well as 456 supervisors of diplomatic and consular electoral commissions.

A total of 61,014 polling stations were mobilized nationwide, including 135 traveling stations, distributed as following: 30,301 stations for men, 26,569 stations for women and 4,009 mixed stations.

The number of voting centers is 13,181, including 1,756 centers for women.

ANIE’s head urged the voters to participate in this “historic and crucial” event, pointing out that the “future president must be able to take courageous decisions and citizens are called to vote for the person that seems to be competent and equal to this responsibility.”





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