“Genesis” Visual Arts Exhibition, by Yasmine Siad, opens in Algiers


ALGIERS – “Genesis” an exhibition of contemporary painting featuring spiritual and abstract themes was inaugurated Saturday in Algiers by visual artist Yasmine Siad.

Organized by the Algerian Agency for Cultural Radiation (Aarc), this first exhibition of the artist, gathering some forty works, is hosted at the villa Dar Abdeltif.

A first series of paintings is dedicated to spirituality and meditation, with a dominance of blue and white on works such as “Procession”, “Levitation” or “flight” that evoke elevation and contemplation.

Another collection of the exhibition “Genesis” denotes a work on perspective and depth with a darker palette of earth color sublimated by gilding as the canvas entitled “The background”.

A trained dentist, Yasmine Siad is a self-taught visual artist who exhibits this work for the first time.

She, also, participated in the development of a comic book entitled “Little tooth” to familiarize children with dental practices and care.

The exhibition “Genesis” is open to visitors until 19 December.



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