Algeria to chart course towards future with “constant” steps


ALGIERS-Deputy Minister for National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army (ANP), Lieutenant General, Ahmed Gaid Salah on Monday said that Algeria would chart course towards with “constant” steps thanks to the Algerian people’s awareness and their union with the Army that “will always know” how to preserve the country’s security and stability, the National Defence Ministry announced in a communiqué.

Speaking on the occasion of his working visit to the National Gendarmerie Command, the Army Chief of Staff said “with proud and optimism” that Algeria would chart its judicious and relevant course with constant steps, with the help of Allah, and thanks to the Algerian people’s awareness and their union with the Army that will always know, in decisive moments, how to preserve the country’s security and stability, and to safeguard its territorial integrity and popular unity.”

 “This is a sacred and precious wealth legacy that belongs to all of us, people and Army, in order to remain faithful to the huge sacrifices made by our valiant martyrs in the service of Algeria that will be forever great and dignified with the help of Allah,” he continued.

The ANP Chief of Staff stated that the presidential election on 12 December 2019 “will set out the benchmarks of the new Algerian state to which the generations of Independence have aspired so much, an Algeria with enshrined November values that make the interest of the country the ultimate goal and ambitions of the Algerian people for a dignified life, within progress, security and stability. Our brave martyrs (shouhada) fell into martyrdom and sacrificed themselves to for this purpose.”

In the same vein, the Lieutenant General stressed that these elections constitute an “extremely important phase in the process of establishing the rule of law and bringing our country to a new era with promising horizons, where the Algerian people will enjoy the wealth of their country and achieve their legitimate ambitions for a dignified life, a State whose glories will be shaped by its devoted children who are faithful to the message of their valiant ancestors, far from all forms of misinformation, propaganda and lies relayed by certain parties who are watching for Algeria’s security and its peaceful people.”




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