Algeria will triumph thanks to “strong harmony” between people, Army


ALGIERS- Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, deputy –minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, on a visit Sunday to the Land Forces Command, said that Algeria will triumph thanks to the “strong harmony” between the Algerian people and its Army.


“Just as Algeria has triumphed yesterday, thanks to the harmony between the Algerian people and the National Liberation Army, it will triumph today, thanks to Almighty Allah and thanks to the strong harmony which exists between the Algerian people and the Army,” the National Defence Ministry (MDN) quoted the Army Chief as saying during a meeting with officials of the Land Forces Command.

The meeting was followed via visio-conference by the entire staff of the Schools, Centres of Instruction and Land Forces Units in the six military regions.

Ahmed Gaid Salah stressed that the “achievement, so far, of the popular demands reflects the Army’s sincere support for the Algerian people during this crucial period of time. This support, marked by good will and sincere commitment, translated into the eradication of the gangs’ leaders, their ramifications and acolytes through wide anti-graft fight engaged by the justice.”

“Before speaking about the crucial presidential elections of 12 December 2019, it is important to say that the popular demands have been met so far, which reflect the Army’s sincere support to the Algerian people during this sensitive phase,” he said.

For the Deputy Minister of National Defence, “as part of this enlightened and wise support for the present and future interests of Algeria, we have endeavored to eliminate the gang’s leaders and neutralize its ramifications and acolytes through the fight against corruption. In this regard, we have totally accompanied the Judiciary by paving the way for it to freely and resolutely accomplish its national duty because the success of the anti-graft move is an integral part of the sincere and comprehensive support of the Algerian people and all the institutions of the Algerian state.”

“Also fall as part of this support, all the preparations and the legal, organizational and security measures taken to ensure the success of the coming presidential elections and allow the people to accomplish their electoral duty and right freely, in a climate of security, quietness and peace,” he concluded.



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