Trial in Sidi M’hamed court: Heavy indictment of Prosecutor of Republic!


Algeria – “They caused the total ruin of the country’s economy. Worse, they caused  distrust between the people and the Algerian administration and made many young people flee the country … “

These are some elements pronounced by the prosecutor of the republic in his indictment,this Sunday, December 8 against the 17 accused, including the two former prime ministers (Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal), and several ministers and prominent businessmen.
All the defendants are pursued in the context of the heavy corruption and dilapidation of the “Assembly of Vehicles” whose trial began Monday, December 2 at the court of Sidi Mhamed in Algiers.”They are responsible for what has happened to society because of their irresponsibility,” said the prosecutor of the republic, adding that: “Some politicians have failed in their mission.”

“The investigations have shown that the businessmen have fictitious companies for the sole purpose of stealing public money,” stressed the prosecutor, citing: Arbaoui, Maazouz Ahmed and Bairi Mohamed.



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